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Real Humans of UCLA Anderson MBA Class of 2021

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We are pleased to continue our Real Humans: MBA Students series with a trip to L.A., which is home to the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Their new Class of 2021 is a diverse cohort of students, including 34 percent women, 33 percent international students, and 29 percent ethnic minorities of the 360-student class.

During their undergraduate years, 26 percent of the latest class had studied business.  Engineering was the second most popular major, claiming 22 percent of students.  Seventeen percent had majored in economics with another 13 percent pursuing humanities.  Ten percent had a background in math/sciences and the remainder of the class spread out across disciplines.  Overall, 80 percent of the new class earned GPAs between 3.2 and 3.8.  On the GMAT, the middle 80 percent scored between 680 and 750 with the median landing at 719.

The 360 students arrived on campus with an average of five years of work experience, with most averaging between 3 and 6 years of experience.  During their pre-MBA careers, 26 percent had worked in financial services and another quarter in high tech.  Consulting sourced a fifth of the class while another 10 percent came from the healthcare industry.  Seven percent were employed in consumer goods and 4 percent worked in the public/non-profit sectors.  Four percent of new students had worked in real estate and another 3 percent came from media/entertainment.

Get to know the UCLA MBA Class of 2021 better; read on for their personal stories, why they chose Anderson, and their advice for the admissions process.

Jonathan Pfeffer
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