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Episode 87: Real Humans of MBA Students – Stanford GSB

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Whether from the admissions office, in front of an application, in a classroom or on the other side of graduation, we strive to bring you different perspectives of all things MBA. In that vein, you may be familiar with our series of Real Humans articles, featuring admissions committee members, MBA students and MBA alumni, and now we are delivering this kind of content through our podcast.

We begin with a Real Humans: MBA Students episode that takes us to Palo Alto and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Julia Osterman, who is an MBA-MS student at Stanford, and Pulkit Agarwal, who is a second-year MBA student at Stanford, join Clear Admit’s Graham Richmond to discuss their journeys through the MBA admissions process, what they learned along the way and what MBA life is like.

Julia Osterman and Pulkit Agarwal, Stanford GSB candidates

Julia Osterman is an MBA-MS in environment and resources candidate, and co-president of the GSB Sustainable Business Club. Prior to Stanford, she worked with senior leadership at The Nature Conservancy to drive the organization’s global priority and goal-setting process to address the greatest challenges facing people and nature. Julia holds a B.A. in environmental studies with a focus on biodiversity and conservation from Yale University.

Pulkit Agarwal grew up on the border of France and Switzerland, and studied mechanical engineering during his undergraduate years in the U.S. at Georgia Tech.  From there, he joined Palantir and then launched a recruiting agency in the blockchain space, called Blockhire LLC.  Pulkit was admitted to Stanford GSB at the age of 20, as a deferred candidate. He then matriculated at the age of 23.

Now it’s time to tune into the episode to learn more about MBA admissions and life. Happy listening!

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Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Episode 87: Real Humans of MBA Students – Stanford GSB

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