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NYU Stern Interview Questions & Report: Round 3 / AdCom / Zoom

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The interview was conducted via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The interviewer was a member of AdCom who was very friendly. Overall, the interview had a very conversational tone and was not stressful at all. We mostly covered standard business school questions and there were very few behavioral questions, but this could be because they did not have any, given what they saw in my application. Here are the questions as best as I can remember them:

1. Icebreaker diving into one of my Pick Six pictures/captions.
2. Tell me about your current role and why you selected it.
3. Why an MBA? Why Now?
4. Combined question about ST/LT goals and how Stern can help you achieve them.
5. Follow-up about ST goals and why I am interested in them.
6. How will you utilize Stern’s career development and recruiting offerings to help you achieve ST goals?
7. Question about my specific LT goal and how my ST goal and Stern experience will help me reach that goal.
8. What leadership skills do you want to develop at Stern?
9. What is your recruitment strategy to land a job at the target companies you mentioned in your essay?
10. Question about picking a verb for Stern’s new motto (“Change. [Verb] it”).

My advice is to know your application very well as the AdCom member will have reviewed it in detail before the interview. Overall, just be yourself and don’t overthink questions too much.

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