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Press Play: Enjoy Video Content From MBATUBE

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If you’ve been spending time on our school profile pages lately, you might have noticed new video content! Clear Admit is excited to announce a special partnership with MBATUBE, the official video portal for MBA education. to increase the breadth of our MBA admissions related content and share in MBATUBE’s mission to help you in your decision making process.

Watching b-school videos can help you experience what your future MBA life could be, helping you evaluate your options and make your final decision about where to attend with confidence. Just under the FAQ sections of many of our school profile pages, you’ll now see a range of videos that highlight different aspects of your selected MBA program.

For example, Harvard Business School shares insights from alumni and offers a front row seat at graduation:

Harvard Business School MBATUBE Videos

You can also access admissions advice from school stakeholders, such as Columbia Business School:

Columbia Business School MBATUBE Videos

Many more programs have content waiting for you to view! Watch their MBATUBE videos now on select school profiles.

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