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Real Humans of Carnegie Mellon Tepper MBA Class of 2022

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This edition of Real Humans: MBA Students takes us to Pittsburgh, PA, and the pioneer of management science, Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. Tepper boasts access to world-class researchers, including a legacy of 9 Nobel Laureates. Their commitment to community can be seen in the energetic hub that is the Tepper Quad, and the strength of analytics and data-driven decision making in their curriculum led to their STEM designation.

Tepper welcomed 141 students to their full-time MBA Class of 2022. A quarter of the new crew are women and 28 percent are international. Nineteen percent identify as a minority. The new class boasted an average GMAT of 680 and undergraduate GPA of 3.32. During their undergraduate years, 31 percent of candidates had majored in engineering and 10 percent in math/physical sciences. Another 21 percent had studied business. Twelve percent earned degrees in the humanities or social sciences and 11 percent majored in economics.

Between college and the MBA program, most of the new Tepper class had worked in financial services or consulting—each covering 16 percent of students’ backgrounds. Another 12 percent came from technology and new media. Ten percent of the class had worked in manufacturing and 7 percent each came from the government and healthcare industries. Six percent earned professional experience in energy/clean tech before joining Tepper. Others spread out across consumer goods, retail, real estate and more.

Without further ado, read on for insights into MBA admissions, Tepper life and more from five new Tepper MBA candidates.

Christina Griffith
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