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UCLA MBA Class Profile: Anderson School of Management Class of 2022

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See the UCLA Anderson MBA Class of 2024 profile here.

The UCLA MBA Class of 2022 profile for the UCLA Anderson School of Management has been released. The program took a firm stance on deferral options for newly admitted international students unable to secure visas to come to the U.S. Still, more than one-third of enrollees are from overseas.

Here are some key elements of the profile:

UCLA MBA Class Profile: Undergraduate Background

Average Undergraduate GPA 3.5
Percent majoring in arts, humanities, social sciences 17%
Percent majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math 32%
Percent majoring in business 23%

UCLA Anderson Class of 2022 GMAT Statistics

Average GMAT Score 706
GMAT Score Range (Middle 80%) 660 – 740

UCLA MBA Class Profile: Student Characteristics

Women 40%
Countries Represented (by citizenship) 37
International Students 36%
Average Work Experience 4.5 years

Class Demographics

Out of 2,865 applications, 360 students enrolled for fall 2020. Thirty-six percent of the class are international students that have come from 37 countries. Forty percent of the class are women, which represents a six percent increase over the previous year.  Thirty percent of the class are minority students. UCLA Anderson boasts an increase in enrollment for both Black and Latino students over the previous year.

Professional and Academic Backgrounds

The incoming class at UCLA Anderson is distinguished from other MBA classes in that 26 percent of MBA candidates are coming from high tech industries. Another 22 percent were working in finance, and 15 percent were in consulting. Ten percent were working in the consumer goods industry, which is the same percentage that came from the non-profit sector.

The undergraduate degree distribution mirrors the top industries in which students were working. Twenty-three percent have a degree in business, while 22 percent hold a degree in engineering. Seventeen percent completed their undergraduate work in economics, 15 percent in the humanities, and 10 percent in Math or science.

The Admissions team was able to increase their audience at summer recruitment events both in registration and attendance. Without the limitations of travel and seating capacity, these virtual events saw larger participation than the usual in-person events.

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