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USC Marshall Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom / Zoom

As a preface, this is my first and only interview for Round 1 of the Fall 2021 intake. I did two MBA interviews last year and ultimately deferred to this cycle, so I do have some experience. With that said, the interview was friendly as Grace Kim, the director of admissions, is a great interviewer. It is noticeable that she is at least using a mental list of questions if not following a prompt, which makes the interview less conversational, but she did work in a good amount of personal questions as follow-ups to my answers.

The interview lasted 39 minutes, so it did go over but I took that in stride since she asked a lot of questions about my resume. She started by saying it was a blind interview, that she had a copy of my resume, and asked me to give her a quick rundown of my professional experience. This progressed into the following questions:

1. She asked about my leadership among each role I have performed.
2. She asked about why I want an MBA.
3. Because I said consulting, she asked why consulting and if I knew what type I wanted to do.
4. She asked for my long-term goals specifically 10-15 years down the road.
5. She went back to my experience and asked about a time I faced a challenge as a leader.
6. Based on 5, she asked what I did and how I changed my leadership to avoid that challenge in the future.
7. Based on 5, she asked how my team would speak to my improvement.
8. I attended language school for the military, so she asked why I chose my language.
9. She asked why Marshall.
10. I forget the way she worded it, but her final question essentially was to describe a way that people see myself that is inaccurate.

She gave me the opportunity to ask questions even though we were beyond the time limit. All in all, good interview. Sent my thank you email today and she mentioned that Round 1 decisions are somewhat rolling, so results should be out at the earliest in mid-Nov but more than likely in Dec. Hope this helps!

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