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Ross MBA Employment Report: Consulting & Tech Top Industry Choice for Class of 2020

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The Michigan Ross MBA 2020 Employment Report showcases the success the Class of 2020 found while navigating the changing and uncertain economic climate. This year, 95 percent of the graduating class are career switchers, up from 89 percent in 2019. Over 83 percent of the class received a job offer by graduation. Within three months, 90.3 percent had received an offer and 88.4 percent had accepted.

Ross MBA Employment Report: Top 5 Industries

Consulting 35.7%
Technology 24.5%
Finance 11.9%
Consumer Packaged Goods 7.2%
Healthcare 5.3%

Ross MBA Employment Report: Regional Placement

Midwest 30.2%
West 26.7%
Northeast 19.8%
Southwest 6.6%
South 4.4%
Mid-Atlantic 3.8%

Top Industries

Consulting and technology were the top two industries for Michigan Ross MBA grads again, at 35.7 percent and 24.5 percent, respectively. Each field grew slightly by around 3 percent over last year. Meanwhile, just shy of 12 percent of Ross MBA graduates joined financial services and the healthcare industry attracted 5.3 percent of graduates, also representing an increase over 2019. Another seven percent pursued roles in consumer goods.

The school facilitated 78.4 percent of positions for the Class of 2020 through on-campus recruiting, internship programs, postings, and faculty and alumni networking efforts.

Regional Career Destinations

Ninety percent of graduates found careers in the US. The majority – 60 percent – accepted positions in the major metropolitan areas of Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Over 30 percent of the class went to work in the Midwest region of the country. The West saw 26.7 percent move there for careers while 19.8 percent went to the Northeast. Nearly seven percent headed to the Southwest region of the U.S. Another roughly four percent settled in the South, and just 3.8 percent moved to the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Atlanta Metro Area had the highest reported median ($162,500) and mean salary ($154,167). The average reported salary for the Class of 2020 is $136,679.

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