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Berkeley Haas Expands MBA Deferred Admissions Program

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The UC Berkeley Haas School of Business has expanded its Accelerated Access deferred admissions program to all undergraduate seniors and final-year graduate students. First limited to UC Berkeley students, the pilot’s success led the school to open the program to outside applicants this MBA admissions season. 

The program allows undergraduate seniors and final-year master’s students to apply to the full-time MBA program. Acceptance is conditional, and the applicants can enroll after a flexible two- to five-year deferment period. Students use this time to gain the professional experience required for traditional MBA candidates. Annual check-ins with admissions and a dedicated Slack community keep applicants supported and connected to future peers.

The program allows prospective students to explore their desired career path without sacrificing a position in a prestigious MBA program. Admissions also gains more time to get to know students while they are still planning their careers and considering an MBA. The school expects more diverse students to take advantage of deferred admission, bringing a greater variety of academic disciplines and more international students.

Applicants must submit a resume, undergraduate transcripts, two letters of recommendation, two essays, and submit either a GMAT or GRE score, similar to the traditional full-time MBA application. While those applying to Accelerated Access won’t have professional experience to showcase, Eric Askins, executive director of full-time MBA admissions, says in a statement, “We’re looking for strong academic indicators paired with clarity of purpose. If you know an MBA will be useful in your future goals, it means you’ve thought about a plan. We are looking for clarity on that plan.”

The first application deadline is April 5.

Christina Griffith
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