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Yale SOM Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Second-Year Student / Zoom

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Interviewed with a 2Y student. Very casual but structured, lasted about the 30 minute mark. He told me that the questions are predetermined.

1. I won’t ask you to go through the whole resume, maybe choose one professional experience where you succeeded at something and talk about what the outcome was.

2. Next question that I have for you is around broad mindedness. So, a lot of the recruiters often tell us that SOM graduates lead by knowing not only when to speak, but also by knowing when to listen. So if you could tell me about a professional experience when you consider the perspective of someone who’s different from you. And how did that perspective inform the outcome, if at all?

2a. Follow-up to the previous one: Are there other applications of what you learned from that conversation that you apply to your job? So did that change your perspective at all? Or change how you worked?

3. What are your post-MBA goals are and what inspired you to pursue those?

3a. Follow-up to previous question: How does an MBA really fit into your career? A lot of people do a lot of research and preparation to understand how the MBA fits what kind of preparation, have you done to make sure that the MBA is the next best step for you?

4. How can Yale help you on this journey? What are some of the resources are things you’re looking forward to?

5. I’m going to read you a quote from our Dean Kerwin Charles. And he said that, ‘preeminent universities disseminate and produce new knowledge, and some of the best ideas are right for revisiting. However, this demands different perspectives, genders backgrounds races orientations and points of view.’ So the question is, how will you contribute to the diversity and open mindedness at Yale for yourself and others?

6. Do you mind talking about what the quote you submitted means to you, and in the context also of like what kind of contribution you’ll make to the SOM community?

7. Anything else that you want to add in terms of your candidacy? We’re through the questions that I’ve got to ask you, but if there’s anything else you want to add, you can.

8. If I have any questions for him.

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