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Fridays from the Frontline: Yale SOM Students Share What They’re Thankful For

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In the spirit of the American holiday of Thanksgiving, student leaders at the Yale School of Management shared what they’re thankful for. We share the first four in this Fridays from the Frontline, but you can see the full list here.

What I’m Thankful For

We asked some of our student leaders to reflect on the last year and tell us what is making them feel grateful as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

John Cheng ’22
Orange Cohort Representative

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the immensely diverse and talented SOM community, especially in light of the ever-evolving pandemic situation. It is a tremendous privilege to learn and exchange with my peers, and every day I am inspired by everyone’s positive energy and patience, despite the current challenges. Personally, I am simply humbled to be in Yale—something I never thought possible—and it still feels like a dream!

Sarah Gannon ’22
Student Government President

Recently, I’ve been thankful for many small joys: eating lunch in the Evans courtyard with friends, Monday night wine class, seeing the fall trees in East Rock Park, planning upcoming trips, Sunday soccer games, and listening to classmates share their stories at Voices and at Koffee?. However, as I think about my life post-graduation, I am also thankful to know that my future will include so many of my SOM classmates. My friends here have made me laugh, traveled New England and the world with me, supported my career search, and shaped how I see my place in society. While I’m not ready for my MBA experience to be nearing the end, I can’t wait to continue strengthening these relationships after we graduate and am thankful that SOM has placed these amazing people in my life.

Prerak Juthani ’22
Student Photographer

I am thankful for the SOM community—one that has made me feel unconditionally accepted and provided me with guidance whenever I’ve felt lost. With all the unpredictability of the last year, the one constant has been SOM’s support and desire to overcome challenges. I am also grateful for the exceptional education that I’ve gotten at SOM. As an MD/MBA, I was nervous about the curriculum, given that I had never been exposed to subjects like economics or even marketing before. Nevertheless, the professors consistently came through with lectures that were clear and to-the-point. Nearing the end of my SOM journey, I can truly say that I feel more prepared than I’ve ever been to apply my business skillset to the real world.

Sannah Kakal ’23
MBA for Executives Class Representative for the Healthcare Area of Focus

This year I’m thankful for change! After 2020 felt like Groundhog Day for most of the year, 2021 gifted me several new chapters in my life. I moved from Minnesota to Connecticut with my husband, started at SOM, welcomed my niece Zoya to the world, and started a new job. I’m grateful to be part of this vibrant, unique, and outstanding cohort at SOM and for everything the program team has done to make it possible for us to be here. I’ve found sources of inspiration, support, and endless laughter in my classmates—not to mention friendships that are irrationally strong for only being four months old! I’m most thankful to my husband, Dan, for supporting me while I went off to pursue my dreams and followed with a hot cup of coffee each step of the way. Hope you all have a warm and safe holiday season!

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