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Berkeley Haas Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

The interview was with an alumnus who had graduated 3-4 years ago. He was not from the US, so we connected on both being internationals. the interview itself was very candid and open, it felt like a conversation. He would usually comment on my answers.

The questions he asked me where:

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Why MBA? Why Haas?
3. How do you hope to contribute from a DEI perspective?
4. Tell me about a time that you experienced DEI.
5. Tell me about a time that you influenced a team to go outside of their comfort zone.
6. Tell me about a time that you fostered collaboration in a team.
7. Is there anything else you wished I had asked you?
8. What makes you feel connected to what you’re doing now?
9. And what motivates you to pursue a career in the public sector in the long term?
10. Do you have any questions for me?

The questions didn’t surprise me, as they were mostly about my CV or behavioral (invitations to tell stories). He did ask a couple of “custom-made” questions about my goals that were very custom-made. I thought that the interviewer represented well what I know about the culture at Haas: one in which people are not arrogant, listen and one to learn from you. Overall, had lots of fun and felt very relaxed.

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