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MIT Sloan 2021 MBA Employment Report: ‘Sloanies’ Are Motivated to Advance and Make an Impact

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The MIT Sloan School of Management 2021 MBA employment report is out, and the graduates demonstrate the value of a Sloan degree in the job market. “The outcomes highlight the value of the MIT Sloan MBA, especially in times that call for agile business leaders who solve complex problems with ingenuity,” wrote Susan Brennan, Assistant Dean, MIT Sloan Career Development Office, in the report.

Within three months of graduation, 95.9% of graduates had received job offers. Sloan MBAs are looking toward their futures, with 40.7% citing growth potential as their top reason for accepting a position.

The median salary this year was unchanged from the Class of 2020 at $150,000, and the median signing bonus was $30,000. However, 70.5% of graduates this year reported receiving other guaranteed compensation—paid incentives offered beyond a signing bonus that includes stock options and equity, relocation and moving expenses, and tuition and education reimbursement. The median value reported this year is $65,000, marking the second year of an increasing trend.

Where MIT Sloan 2021 Graduates are Landing: By Industry and Location

There are few surprises in the top industries for Sloan graduates in 2021. Consulting recruited 28.3% of the class and also held the highest median salary, reported at $165,000. Twenty-five percent went to work in the tech industry followed by 21.4% in financial services. Nearly 10% headed into the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sector while 4% chose consumer products.

MIT Sloan MBA Employment Report:
Top 5 Industry Placement

Consulting 28.3%
Technology 25%
Financial Services 21.4%
Pharma/Biotech 9.8%
Consumer Products 4%

More than 89% of the class remained in the U.S. to begin their post-MBA careers. Forty percent chose to stay in the Northeast, with nearly 21% settling in the Boston metro area and almost 19% in the NYC metro area. The Western U.S. took in 28.1% of MIT Sloan MBAs. The Mid-Atlantic states and the Southwest each attracted 6.3% of the class. The South took in 4.4% and just 3.7% of the class went to work in the Midwest. Approximately nine percent of MIT Sloan grads headed abroad for work to Asia, Europe or Latin America/the Caribbean.

MIT Sloan MBA Employment Report:
U.S. Regional Placement

Northeast 40.4%
West 28.1%
Mid-Atlantic 6.3%
Southwest 6.3%
South 4.4%
Midwest 3.7%

“We are grateful to our faculty, employers, alumni, students, and partners across the MIT Sloan community for creating and engaging in the uniquely Sloan experience that drives these great outcomes, through world-class curriculum, labs, centers and initiatives, and professional development and networking activities,” continued Brennan in the introduction to the school’s report. “We look forward to future collaboration, and we thank you for your support!”

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