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Yale SOM 2021 MBA Employment Report: Graduate Skills in High Demand

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See the employment report for the Yale SOM MBA Class of 2022 here.

The Yale School of Management’s 2021 MBA employment report shows how graduates found success in an array of industries and around the world.

Eighty-two percent of the Yale SOM MBA Class of 2021, which numbers 312 students, sought employment. Their three-month post-graduation job offer rate came in at 95.7%, and the acceptance rate was 94.1%. The median base salary for the class is $140,400. The median signing bonus, reported by 76.4% of the class, was $30,000, while 8.4% reported receiving a guaranteed year-end bonus, the median for which was $22,950. The increase in employment rates over 2020 results point to recovery in one respect from the pandemic downturn. 

Top Industry and Regional Placement for the Yale SOM MBA Class of 2021

Like many business schools, consulting jobs were the first choice for 2021 Yale SOM MBA graduates with 34.2% of the class choosing that industry. Roughly a quarter of grads landed in finance, which includes investment banking and management, diversified services, private equity, and venture capital. The tech industry recruited 10% of the Yale SOM Class of 2021. Retail and e-commerce saw 9.6%, and consumer packaged goods took in 5.8% of graduates to wrap up the top five industry choices. Three and a half percent of the Class of 2021 started their own businesses.

 Yale SOM MBA Employment Report:
Top 5 Industry Placement

Consulting 34.2%
Finance 25.1%
Technology 10%
Retail/E-Commerce 9.6%
Consumer Packaged Goods 5.8%

Nearly 92% of full-time hires in the Yale SOM MBA Class of 2021 landed in the United States. Three percent headed to the Asia Pacific region and roughly two percent headed to Europe. The rest who chose to work internationally spread out in smaller numbers across MENA, Canada, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

More than half of Yale SOM’s MBAs stayed in the Northeast to work, and roughly a quarter moved to the Western U.S. The Midwest became home to 8.4%, the Mid-Atlantic 6.5%, and the Southwest 4.7%. Median base salaries by U.S. region ranged from $132,250 to $162,500, with the Southwest claiming the highest. Just 2.8% of the class went to the South.

Yale SOM MBA Employment Report:
U.S. Regional Placement

Northeast 52.1%
West 25.6%
Midwest 8.4%
Mid-Atlantic 6.5%
Southwest 4.7%
South 2.8%
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