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Chicago Booth Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Virtual

Resume Based. Interviewer was a grad from 2014. Only went for 25 minutes and felt extremely rushed compared to previous interviews. I was surprised when the interviewer did not ask one single behavioral based question (tell me about a time when). It started off with her telling me about her background and career pivot post Booth. It then turned over to me.

1) Introduce yourself, walk me through your resume.
2) Follow-on questions of digging deeper into roles/responsibilities and the “why” between my transitions.
3) Why an MBA now?
4) Why Booth in particular?
5) Short and long term goals?

After that, she opened it up to questions. I asked her several questions, mostly geared toward her industry/function as she works in real estate development, the field I am attempting to pivot into. I was surprised that we were wrapping up the interview without any behavioral based questions (since I looked at round 1 reports). I jokingly made a comment after my questions that I was expecting some behavioral based questions. She told me that she had everything she needed to fill out her report.

Overall, I thought the conversation flowed great and I answered the questions well. It was wonderful hearing about her transition from Booth and current insights in the field of real estate. Was just startled by how short the interview was comparatively and the fact that there were no behavioral based questions. I hope I am just being overly critical.

Good luck to all those who received invites this round. Now its just a waiting game. Hope to see you guys at Booth come this fall!

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