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Episode 224: Case Study Method Primer

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Get your MBA toolkit ready with this special podcast episode on the case study method, which you are sure to encounter in your b-school classrooms. The “Case Study Method” is a form of instruction used widely across top MBA programs. But what does it entail, and why do you need to know about it as you embark on your MBA applications or plan to matriculate? To answer this and a host of related questions, we welcome James Quinn to the podcast.

James Quinn, Founder, CaseStudy Co.

Jim has 15 years of experience as a researcher, consultant, and case writer in the private and nonprofit sectors. While working as a senior researcher with Harvard Business School, he co-authored 35 case studies on strategy, marketing, finance, operations, negotiation, general management, and social enterprise. He then left HBS to found CaseStudy Co., a leading consulting and education firm known for its expertise in the Case Method. CaseStudy Co. custom cases, advisory services, and digital learning content have been used widely in leading organizations around the world.

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In this podcast episode, Jim joins host Graham Richmond to discuss:

  • The case method of instruction
  • Why it’s an effective way to teach in business school
  • The best way to prepare for a case-based discussion
  • What CaseStudy Co. does to prepare MBA applicants

…and more!

Click play here or in your favorite podcast app:

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Episode 224: Case Study Method Primer

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This episode was produced in partnership with CaseStudy Co. It was hosted by Graham Richmond and produced by Dennis Crowley. Thanks to all of you who’ve been joining us!

Lauren Wakal
Lauren Wakal has been covering the MBA admissions space for more than a decade, from in-depth business school profiles to weekly breaking news and more.