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Flex or Full-Time, Rounds 3 or 4 Are Great Times to Apply to Georgetown McDonough

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Rounds 3 and 4 present golden opportunities for Flex and Full-time MBA applicants to Georgetown McDonough. Shelly Heinrich, Associate Dean of MBA and MS-ESM Admissions at the leading business school, sat down with Clear Admit to discuss everything you need to know about applying to their Full-time and Flex MBA programs. She also shared an exciting announcement about engagement opportunities in March – read on for more!

Isn’t It Too Late to Apply? Will I Still Be Competitive? Are Scholarships Still Available?

Full-Time MBA
Deadlines for Full-time MBA programs are laid out in multiple rounds, beginning with Round 1 or early decision deadlines in September. Round 2 deadlines tend to amass in early January and Round 3 in early Spring. Your life decisions may not directly coincide with this MBA application calendar, but Round 4, which is happening now, means it’s never too late to get your MBA dreams started. While some applicants may have valid concerns about their competitiveness this late in the cycle or wonder if it’s worth waiting until next year, Shelly says, “If you feel that the time is right for you, personally and professionally, you should apply. In a best case scenario, we’ll be able to offer you a spot of admission.”

Moreover, applying now to the Full-time MBA can help you reapply next year. Shelly adds, “We get phenomenal re-applicants and our admit rate for re-applicants is actually over 50%. Being a re-applicant means we also get five or six months more to get to know you and for you to research the program.”

Flex MBA
When it comes to a part-time MBA, most Flex MBA applicants apply in the spring in Rounds 2, 3, and 4. While Full-time MBA applicants need to leave their jobs and current residence for business school, part-time applicants don’t have as much to consider or logistics to manage. They’re simply adding a school program to their life, and the Round 4 deadline offers the opportunity to begin to integrate an MBA into their career path.

For applicants banking on scholarship support, Georgetown McDonough sets aside and reserves funds for Round 3 and Round 4 applicants. This applies to both Full-time and Flex MBA programs.

And whether you’re applying to both or one program, Shelly offers, “I think for admissions officers, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t predict the future. So apply when it’s the right time for you, and then we’ll go from there.”

What is Georgetown McDonough Looking for in Applicants in Round 3 or 4?

A good place to start in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your candidacy is the school’s class profile. If you’re close to the averages or above the averages in some areas, Shelly says it’s worth it to apply in Round 3 or 4.

“For a Full-time MBA applicant, we’re looking to round out our class with students who bring unique profiles…to really help us craft our class,” Shelly says. During Rounds 3 and 4, Georgetown McDonough may be looking for candidates from different industries to ensure a balance of experience, or international students for diverse perspectives. It varies year to year. Shelly adds, “When it comes to the Flex MBA, Rounds 3 and 4 are a normal application round. A good Round 3/4 applicant is no different than what makes a good applicant in any other round.”

What Can I Do Now to Prepare for the Round 4 Deadline?

The Round 4 deadline, for both the Full-time and Flex MBA for Georgetown McDonough, lands on April 26th. Over these next few weeks, there are ways to get to know McDonough and make the most of your time.

As of March 1st, visitors are welcome back to the Georgetown campus in Washington, D.C. The school will have COVID protocols and requirements, and the McDonough admissions team looks forward to showcasing D.C. and the phenomenal Hariri building.

In terms of preparing for your application, McDonough will be hosting information sessions as well as application webinars that will be virtual and on-campus. There are opportunities to meet with student ambassadors over the phone, Zoom and in-person. Learning from admissions staff and students through these various opportunities will really help you to refine your application.

When it comes to timing, applicants can use each and every day. Shelly adds, “Don’t stress about trying to get your application in at the beginning of April or the middle of April. We start reviewing the Round 4 deadlines right around the deadline so take the time that you need to really refine your application.”

Which Program Should I Choose? 

You do not have to decide right now which program works best for you; Shelly explains, “If people are still considering between whether they should do a full-time or part-time MBA program, we have many people that apply to both at the same time. When you apply to both at the same time, you’ll get decisions for both, and then, at that point, you can decide which one works better for you.”

Opportunities abound at Georgetown McDonough, and the Full-time and Flex MBA programs share keen advantages. Both the full-time and the part-time students at Georgetown can participate in on-campus recruiting and meet with employers—that’s not something typically practiced at other universities for part-time members. Additionally, at McDonough, the full-time and part-time students share the same faculty; it’s the same degree; same 54 credits of curriculum; same club access and they’re in the same Hariri building. Students share the same network and get to be part of this immersive program in Washington, D.C. Flex MBA students really do get a very similar experience to the Full-time students.

No matter where you are in your admissions process, the Georgetown McDonough team is on your side. Shelly wraps us up with, “We’re happy as admission staff to meet with you and get to know you.”

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