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UCLA MBA Employment Report Class of 2021: Job Offers Rebound Post-Pandemic

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The MBA employment report for the UCLA  Anderson Class of 2021 shows recovery from the pandemic-stricken job market, as job offers bounced back for the latest graduates.

Of the 341 graduates of the UCLA Anderson MBA Class of 2021, 302 sought employment. Of those not seeking employment, five percent were company sponsored and roughly four percent started their own businesses. By graduation in June, nearly 82% of those seeking employment secured job offers and that percentage climbed to 93% within three months of graduation. Nearly 93% accepted job offers within 3 months of graduation and that number reached 97% within 6 months of graduation.

The average salary for UCLA MBA graduates landed at $135,273 with average signing bonuses of $29,877. The median annual base salary came in at $130,000 and the median signing bonus at $30,000.

Industry & Regional Placement

Consulting, technology and financial services lead the pack of industry choices for Anderson graduates. Combined, these three industries cover 68.5% of the Class of 2021. Roughly a third had joined technology followed by nearly 19% in financial services. Consulting landed at 16.4%. The two industries that rounded out the top five are health care at 7.9% and consumer products at 7.5%.

UCLA MBA Employment Report:
Top 5 Industries

Technology 33.2%
Financial Services 18.9%
Consulting 16.4%
Health Care 7.9%
Consumer Products 7.5%

Sixty-two percent of graduates settled in California for their post-MBA roles. Excluding California, another 11.4% remained in the Western U.S. Nearly 11% headed to the Northeast for work followed by 4% to the Midwest. Just over five percent pursued roles internationally, with most landing in Asia.

UCLA MBA Employment Report:
Top Locations

California 62.1%
West U.S. – excluding CA 11.4%
Northeast 10.7%
Midwest 4.3%
Asia 3.6%
Southwest 2.5%
South 1.8%
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