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NYU Stern MBA Class of 2022 Employment Report: Record-High Compensation

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See the NYU Stern employment report for the MBA Class of 2023 here.

The NYU Stern School of Business MBA Class of 2022 achieved record-high compensation, including the school’s highest ever median base salary and mean total compensation, according to the new employment report. The median base salary increased $15,000 over last year’s class to an all-time record of $170,000. Average total compensation for the Class of 2022 climbed $14,340 to $196,143, another record. 94.1 percent of Stern MBA graduates accepted jobs within three months of graduation.

Associate Dean of Career Services Brian Ruggiero says in the press release, “NYU Stern’s two-year, Full-time MBA Class of 2022 fully embodies Stern’s ethos around not only embracing, but also leading change. This resilient cohort began their MBA journey after the pandemic began and adapted quickly to the resulting paradigm shifts. The demand for these skills is clear, with the accepted rate for jobs three months after graduation on par with what we saw pre-pandemic and our highest compensation on record.”

Industry Choice 

The top industry for the Class of 2022 is financial services, where 34.4 percent of students found work. Of those entering financial services, approximately 27 percent joined investment banking. Consulting careers were secured by 31.2 percent of the class and the tech industry saw 17 percent of graduates find their careers.

The highest average salary by industry is in law, which reached $199,643 for the 3.1 percent of graduates who found jobs in that sector. The next highest average salaries are in consulting, where graduates are earning an average of $173,176. Investment banking commanded salaries landing at an average $171,872 while starting salaries overall for financial services averaged $168,475.

NYU Stern MBA Employment Report 2022:
Top Industries

Financial Services 34.4%
Consulting 31.2%
Technology/Telecommunications 17%
Entertainment/Media/Sports 4%
Consumer Packaged Goods 3.6%
Healthcare 3.6%

Regional Placement

Nearly all jobs for Stern MBA graduates—96.8 percent—were located in North America. Nearly 82 percent of those jobs are in the Northeast region of the U.S., while the U.S. West saw six percent of graduates find work. Just 1.4 percent of jobs were located in the U.S. Southwest, where the highest average salary was also found at $178,000.

NYU Stern MBA Employment Report 2022:
Regional Placement

Northeast 81.7%
West 6%
Mid-Atlantic 3.7%
International 3.3%
Midwest 2.8%

Ruggiero also notes, “Our team consistently hears from corporate partners that they choose Stern MBAs because of their analytical mindset and because they are problem solvers with strong leadership skills and personal integrity. These qualities explain why Stern grads are sought across employers, industries, and job functions.”

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