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Stanford GSB MBA Class of 2024: Ready for Impact

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See the Stanford GSB MBA Class of 2025 profile here.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business welcomed 424 new students to its MBA Class of 2024. Kirsten Moss, Assistant Dean and Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid, said in the school’s press release on the class profile, “Our newest students have already reached significant milestones in their personal and professional lives. The rich diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives will enable them to work together to tackle some of society’s most pressing challenges.”

Here are some key elements of the profile:

Stanford GSB MBA Class Profile: Undergraduate Background

Average Undergraduate GPA 3.76
Percent majoring in engineering 24%
Percent majoring in economics 21%
Percent majoring in social sciences 20%
Percent majoring in business 19%
Percent majoring in math or science 9%

Class of 2024 GMAT & GRE Statistics

Average GMAT Score 737
GMAT Score Range 630-790
GRE Quant Average 163
GRE Verbal Average 164

Stanford MBA Class Profile: Student Characteristics

Women 44%
Countries Represented (by citizenship) 56
International Students 37%
Average Work Experience ~5 years

Women, Minorities, and International Student Representation

The Building Opportunities for Leadership Diversity Fellows Fund, first launched in 2021, provides assistance to students who face financial hardship and are committed to the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The number of BOLD Fellows in the Class of 2024 increased by 25% since the program’s inaugural year. The Class of 2024 also includes veterans who are Yellow Ribbon Program beneficiaries.

The class numbers 424 students, of whom 12 percent are first-generation college students. Thirty-seven percent of students have primary citizenship outside the U.S., representing 56 countries. Women make up 44 percent of the class. For the first time, more than half of the class’s U.S. citizens and permanent residents identify as people of color (51%), with the numbers of Black and Hispanic students reaching their highest levels in history under the program’s multi-identity reporting.

Academic and Professional Background

This year’s class holds degrees from 162 academic institutions. Thirteen percent hold advanced degrees. Twenty-four percent had majored in engineering during their undergraduate years, followed by 21 percent in economics. A fifth had majored in business followed by 19 percent in social sciences. Nine percent earned degrees in math or science.

While the average GMAT score of the class of 2024 is an impressive 737, the Stanford MBA program does not require a minimum score for applicants. The range of GMAT scores landed at 630 to 790. The average GRE scores for the new Stanford MBA Class of 2024 came in at 163 for Quant and 164 for Verbal.

The new Stanford MBAs matriculated with an average of nearly five years of work experience. Twenty percent came from investment management, private equity, or venture capital roles, and another 20 percent had worked in consulting. Fifteen percent of the class hailed from the technology sector. Eight percent of the class previously worked in government, education, or the nonprofit sector while four percent are veterans and three percent have worked in manufacturing.

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