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Georgetown McDonough MBA Employment Report: Class of 2022 Earns Record Salaries

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See the Georgetown McDonough employment report for the MBA Class of 2023 here.

The Georgetown University McDonough School of Business employment report shows a successful MBA Class of 2022 that secured record-setting average salaries for the program, reported at $138,552. Ninety-six percent of graduates received a job offer within three months of graduation and 95 percent accepted their offers, which matched last year’s record placement stats.

“The outcomes presented in this report are a testament to the extraordinary talent in the Class of 2022,” said Christy Murray, associate dean and managing director of career services at Georgetown McDonough, in the school’s announcement. “These students began their MBA journey amid ongoing disruptions and uncertainty from the global pandemic, yet through their hard work, perseverance, and commitment to excellence, they were well positioned to secure impactful roles in business across a wide range of industries and sectors.”

Industry Choice

Consulting took over the top spot of industry choice compared to last year when financial services held the position. Twenty-nine percent joined consulting this year, followed by 25 percent choosing financial services post-MBA. Eighteen percent entered the tech industry and seven percent each went into non-profit/social impact/government or consumer goods roles. The most popular field, consulting, also reported the highest average salary by industry at $159,391.

Georgetown McDonough MBA Employment Report:
Top 5 Industry Placement

Consulting 29%
Financial Services 25%
Technology 18%
Non-profit/Social Impact/Government 7%
Consumer Goods 7%

Regional Placement

Ninety-eight percent of the class remained in the U.S. to begin their post-MBA careers. Forty-three percent chose to stay in the Mid-Atlantic region. Twenty-six percent headed to the U.S. Northeast. Eleven percent settled in the U.S. West. Eight percent chose to work in the South, followed by seven percent in the Southwest and 3 percent in the Midwest.

Georgetown McDonough MBA Employment Report:
U.S. Regional Placement

Mid-Atlantic 43%
Northeast 26%
West 11%
South 8%
Southwest 7%
Midwest 3%
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