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Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2025 Profile: High Representation and Achievement

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The University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business MBA Class of 2025 profile is a striking demonstration of the school’s commitment to bringing together an accomplished cohort with diverse experiences. Out of a class numbering 379, more than 40 percent across the board are women, U.S. minorities, or international students. 

Here are some key elements of the profile: 

Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2025: Undergraduate Background

Average Undergraduate GPA 3.43
Percent majoring in STEM 44%
Percent majoring in business 34%
Percent majoring in humanities 22%

Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2025: GMAT and GRE Statistics

Average GMAT Score 719
GMAT Score Middle 80% 670 – 760
GRE Average Verbal 160
GRE Average Quant 162

Ross MBA Class Profile: Student Characteristics

Women 43%
Countries Represented (by citizenship) 39
International Students 43%
Average Work Experience 5.8 years

Diversity and Life Experience

International students from 39 different countries make up 43 percent of the class this year. Forty-three percent of the class are women and 43 percent of U.S. and permanent residents identify as students of color. A significant 19 percent are underrepresented U.S. students of color. Ten percent of the class identifies as LGBTQ+. Eight percent of students are active duty or veterans. 

Academic and Professional Achievement

The Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2025 boasts an average undergraduate GPA of 3.43 and 17 percent are first-generation college students. Forty-four percent hold a STEM degree. Business degree holders make up 34 percent, and 22 percent graduated with a humanities degree. At Ross, 12 percent of the class are pursuing dual degrees.

The average GMAT score landed at 719. For those who took the GRE, they earned a mean Quant score of 162 and a mean Verbal score of 160. 

When it comes to professional experience, the class brings an average of 5.8 years to the table. Their pre-MBA industry backgrounds are equally varied, with 18 percent having worked in consulting and 17 percent in finance. Another 16 percent hails from technology while 12 percent had worked in healthcare. Engineering/manufacturing round out the top industries at 10 percent. 

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