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Berkeley Haas 2023 MBA Employment Report: Social Impact & Higher Salaries

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The University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business has released its MBA Class of 2023 employment report, demonstrating strong post-graduation outcomes with higher salaries.

Of the 294 Haas MBA graduates, 257 (87 percent) reported seeking post-MBA employment. 231 of graduates (89.9 percent) looking for work secured offers within three months and 228 (88.7 percent) accepted. The entrepreneurial spirit was high at Haas as 12.7 percent of the class opted to work for startups, and another 3.4 percent of graduates ventured into starting their own businesses. Notably, 21.9 percent of the class reported that their roles had a social impact component, underscoring a commitment to purpose-driven work.

In terms of compensation, the class reported an average base salary of $162,831, representing a $10k increase over last year’s class. Meanwhile, the median base salary came in at $166,650–a jump from last year’s $155,000 median salary. Additionally, 69.4 percent received sign-on bonuses, with the average bonus amounting to $36,777. Stock options were part of job offers for 38.7 percent of graduates. School-facilitated activities were the employment source for 69.7 percent of the class. Top employers included companies such as Apple, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Cisco Systems, Inc., and Pfizer Inc.

Industry & Regional Placement

The technology sector is firmly Haas’s dominant industry, attracting 29.8 percent of graduates with an annual median base salary of $157,100. Consulting followed closely with 27.6 percent of graduates, who reported a median base salary of $192,000. Financial services recruited 14.5 percent with a median salary of $167,300, while 7.5 percent of the class entered healthcare at a median salary of $150,000 and 6.6 percent of graduates went into the energy sector where the reported median base salary was $155,000. 

Haas MBA Class of 2023 Employment Report:
Top 5 Industry Placement

Technology 29.8%
Consulting 27.6%
Financial Services 14.5%
Healthcare 7.5%
Energy 6.6%

Regionally, the West emerged as the primary destination for over three-quarters of the 2025 MBA class, owing to both the prominence of the tech industry and Haas’s location. The reported median annual base salary for the region is $168,000, with most jobs centered in San Francisco/North Bay, California. Graduates in the Northeast and South regions accounted for 9.2 percent and 5.3 percent, respectively, with median base salaries of $175,000 and $171,150. Three-and-a-half percent of the class found work in the Southwest, where median salaries reached $128,500, while the Midwest attracted 1.8 percent with a median salary of $127,520. Finally, in the Mid-Atlantic region, just 1.3 percent of graduates found opportunities with a median base salary of $165,000. 

Haas MBA Class of 2023 Employment Report:
U.S. Regional Placement

West 75.4%
Northeast 9.2%
South 5.3%
Southwest 3.5%
Midwest 1.8%
Mid-Atlantic 1.3%
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