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HEC Paris Alumni Remain Committed to Giving Back

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Preetham Mysore, HEC Paris MBA 2020

HEC Paris Graduation Year and Concentration: Class of 2020, Strategy Specialization
HEC Paris Clubs: Advisor, Industry Club; Advisor, Social Impact Club
Pre-MBA Work Experience: 14 Years, Principal Consultant – Digital Manufacturing and Engineering
Current Employer and Title: CGI, Director of Consulting – Aerospace and Defense

How have you given back to the HEC community since graduation, in particular regarding recruitment and mentoring?
Since graduation, I have been an active part of the HEC Community especially focused on recruitment and mentoring. I frequently participate as an interviewer for shortlisted MBA candidates and help the school identify future admits who have demonstrated HEC Paris MBA values. At CGI, I am the sponsor for the HEC MBA and actively participate in all the recruitment activities each year. As I am on the frontline of consulting activities, I make it a point to share the current trends within the industries, especially with respect to automotive and aerospace, with the current students via mentoring sessions. I am also doing 1-to-1 mentoring via the HEC Pulse program.

I am someone with an Industry background (Aerospace). And naturally, my affinity has been toward the industry club. As an alum, I am in a position to engage the expertise of my organization CGI to enrich the knowledge of the MBA students. As a result, I have participated in multiple knowledge-sharing sessions with the club members and also represented CGI as part of their Industry initiatives.

What do you think has been your greatest contribution to the HEC school community as an alum?
I think the greatest contribution on my side would be on two fronts. Firstly, the recruitment aspect. Most organizations (especially within France with the Grand Ecole culture) are realizing the value-add that profiles like MBA bring. And at CGI, as a sponsor, I have the responsibility of representing HEC Paris MBA and bringing in the talent. Secondly, the mentoring aspect. As alumni, we are very well placed to provide the necessary practical support to the students as they envision their careers. Most MBA students are looking into transitioning either into a new geography (EU), domain, or sector of activity with their post-MBA roles, and as an alum having lived and worked in Europe for close to two decades, I help them with a holistic view on things.

How did you engage HEC alumni when you were an MBA student or applicant? Do you have any related advice for current MBA students or applicants, e.g. etiquette, what to expect, etc.?
As an MBA student, we had several opportunities to engage with the alumni, notably, via the various club activities/visits, the career center-organized events, and the HEC Pulse program. As an experienced candidate, I found the HEC Pulse program to be very helpful as I could have 1-to-1 mentoring sessions with Industry leaders from my target industry. They provided me with great insights and connections, which helped me plan my career. My advice to the MBA students would be to Network in Quality and not quantity, and follow up on your connects. It is very easy to lose sight of the various discussions you have had over the course of 16 months with the Alumni. Keep track of these discussions and follow up with them. This will keep your Alumni contacts engaged and invested in you/your career.

Anything else you’d like to add?
From my personal experience and those of my batch mates, the immediate post-MBA jobs are usually tough to begin with as there is a lot more dimension to your role, and not to forget the responsibility that comes with it being on to the management side of things. There will be times when you experience imposter syndrome but adapt and learn from it. This will help you transition into more successful careers later on. It’s always easy to find a job post-MBA, but it takes time to find the “right” one that “fits” you.

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