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HEC Paris Alumni Remain Committed to Giving Back

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Through recruitment, mentoring, and student support, HEC Paris alumni remain committed to the school by giving back to the community after graduation.

Alumni are present at the beginning of the MBA journey, guiding prospective students to find how they fit and understand what to expect in the program. They are an invaluable resource for acclimating to a new city and connecting with the HEC community. Alumni are a fixture for students active in clubs and other activities, leveraging their experience to help students achieve their program goals. They’re also there after graduation, helping new alumni network with employers and offering career guidance. They are mentors at every step of the way for MBAs at HEC.

In this special feature, three HEC MBA alumni share their contributions to the students, the community, and the program’s continuing success. We’ll hear from Preetham Mysore, who has a sense of pride in his role in recruiting and mentoring future aerospace professionals. Mike Mills shares his networking magic that helped raise needed scholarship funds. And Martina Bharthi Priya demonstrates how personal support and one-on-one mentoring is crucial for finding the right fit. Read on for their stories in the next pages.

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