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Episode 357: Insights from Top MBA Admissions Directors

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Recorded live at the Clear Admit MBA Fair, admissions directors from top business schools share their insights on key questions prospective MBA students often need answering in this special episode of the Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast. The episode features Eddie Asbie from Cornell Johnson, Dana Fernandez from Harvard Business School, Matthew Ganderson from Michigan Ross, and Lindsay Lloyd from NYU Stern.

Together, they answer questions such as:

  • What are the different teaching methods employed in MBA programs, and can you describe experiential learning?
  • Do you have any advice as to how applicants might go about choosing a set of target MBA programs?
  • How many schools should one ultimately apply to?
  • We often hear about ROI, and how the MBA is a smart investment, but are there other reasons for pursuing the degree?

…and more!

Thanks to our guests, this podcast episode provides invaluable advice for prospective MBA students–whether it’s understanding the curriculum, teaching methods, or deciding when and where to apply, these insights from admissions leaders will help guide applicants through their MBA journey.

Tune in here or your favorite podcast platform:

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Episode 357: Roundtable Insights from Cornell, Harvard, Michigan & NYU Admissions Directors

And stay tuned for more MBA admissions insights as we roll out more special episodes from the Clear Admit MBA Fair in the coming weeks!

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This episode was hosted by Graham Richmond and produced by Dennis Crowley. A big thank you to all our listeners for your continued support!

Lauren Wakal
Lauren Wakal has been covering the MBA admissions space for more than a decade, from in-depth business school profiles to weekly breaking news and more.