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McCombs School of Business – The University of Texas at Austin

The McCombs School of Business is located near the center of the University of Texas at Austin’s campus. McCombs offers a full-time MBA program in addition to three part-time programs and two Executive MBA options. Key features of the McCombs MBA program include a flexible curriculum with a broad range of concentrations, as well as a highly collaborative student culture. McCombs also has a history of placing a comparatively high percentage of graduates into post-MBA careers in the technology and energy industries.

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McCombs employs 205 full-time faculty members across six academic departments. In addition to teaching courses, this group of scholars and practitioners directs 17 research centers, which range in focus from entrepreneurship to business technology and law.


Upon entering the program, first-year McCombs students are separated into cohorts of 65 students with whom they complete their core classes. Each cohort is further divided into study teams of four to six students each. Professors use a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, case studies, simulations and experiential-based learning.

First-year students attend a mandatory orientation before starting classes that consists of a program overview, faculty presentations, an executive challenge and an outdoor adventure day, among other activities. McCombs follows a two-semester academic calendar, with classes running from late August to early December and from mid-January to early May; graduation takes place soon thereafter. Within the academic year, students have short breaks for holidays such as Thanksgiving, with a month-long break between semesters. MBA students are required to take 11 core courses during their first year of study. The core covers foundational business principles in accounting, economics, marketing, statistics, operations and management. In the spring semester, students can begin customizing their academic experience by choosing three elective courses.

In the second year of the MBA program, students complete five electives each semester. Students may choose to pursue one of 23 academic concentrations, which allow them to tailor their studies to topics ranging from High Technology Marketing to Public and Governmental Affairs. The MBA program also allows for six hours of elective coursework to be taken at other University of Texas schools, such as the LBJ School of Public Affairs or the School of Law.

McCombs offers an array of study abroad opportunities. Through the Global Connections Study Tours, for instance, students participate in a spring semester course that concludes in an eight- to ten-day tour of a key international business destination. Examples of Spring 2017 destinations include China, Cuba, India, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. Students can gain further global exposure by studying abroad at one of McCombs’s 33 international exchange partner institutions.

Other MBA Degree Options

In addition to its 2-year full-time MBA program, McCombs offers three part-time MBA programs: a 2.5-year evening program in Austin, a 2-year program located in Dallas/Fort Worth and a 2-year program in Houston. McCombs also hosts a 2-year Executive MBA program on the UT Austin campus.

There are 10 dual degree programs available to MBA students in conjunction with other schools at the University of Texas at Austin. McCombs offers a four-year MBA/JD program with the School of Law, as well as a variety of three-year MBA/MA programs. These include an MBA/Master of Arts in Energy and Earth Resources with the Jackson School of Geosciences, and an MBA/Master of Global Policy Studies with the LBJ School of Public Affairs, among others.

Concentrations at McCombs

  • Accounting for Investment Banking
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Finance (General)
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Management
  • Energy Finance
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Private Equity Finance
  • Social Enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Business
  • CleanTech
  • Healthcare
  • Information Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Supply Chain & Operations Management
  • Management (General)
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Brand and Product Management
  • High Technology Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics and Consulting
  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Public and Governmental Affairs

Degree Offerings at McCombs
Full Time MBA

Evening MBA
Austin, Mexico City

Part-time MBA
Dallas, Houston, Austin

Executive MBA

Dual Degrees
MBA/JD, MBA/MA in Asian Studies, MBA/MA in Communication, MBA/MA in Energy & Earth Resources, MBA/Master of Global Policy Studies, MBA/Master of Mechanical Engineering, MBA/MA in Latin American Studies, MBA/MA in Middle Eastern Studies, MBA/MS in Nursing, MBA/MA in Public Affairs, MBA/MA in Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies


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Clubs, Conferences & Competitions

McCombs offers students many ways to get involved outside of the classroom.  There are approximately 45 club offerings that cover an array of professional and social interests.  For example, the Graduate Finance Association (GFA) hosts panels, trainings, networking opportunities and other events to help members prepare for post-MBA careers in finance.  The GFA also organizes one of the most popular case competitions at McCombs, the Annual MBA Finance Challenge, which spans three days and features student presentations of solutions to a complex financial case study.  Another popular McCombs group is the International MBA Association, or IMBASA.  IMBASA offers international and U.S. students a chance to share their cultures and helps students examine the opportunities offered by global business.  The club’s International Night is the biggest event on campus, with almost 1,000 attendees enjoying food, cultural activities and entertainment from countries represented by the MBA class.

Students at McCombs can also attend a variety of conferences each year.  In February 2012, for instance, McCombs held its first annual Marketing Conference.  The two-day event focused on trends shaping innovation in marketing, how they affect the marketplace and how marketers can utilize them to stay ahead.  McCombs also plays host to the annual McCombs Business for Good Summit, where students meet successful business leaders and learn about social impact and the future of capitalism.

Campus Space

The McCombs School of Business is located in the Graduate School of Business (GSB), which lies just west of the center of the University of Texas at Austin’s campus. The GSB is comprised of three buildings, six floors and an array of technologically equipped classrooms. Among these are the AIM Investment Center, a part of the EDS Financial Trading and Technology Center, which features an LED ticker flashing the latest stock prices. A favorite spot for students to congregate is the Atrium, an area illuminated by a large skylight that often serves as a venue for conferences, fairs and networking events. On-campus apartments are available to graduate students, though MBA students have many off-campus housing options available to them in Austin.

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Career Services

The MBA Career Management staff at McCombs offer students one-on-one assistance with cover letters, résumés and interviews. MBA entrants are required to take the course Strategic Career Planning in their first year, which helps them refine their career goals early on in the MBA experience. MBA Career Management hosts numerous networking opportunities for students such as career fairs, student treks and corporate-sponsored academic competitions. Furthermore, recruiting events including on-campus interviews and information sessions occur on a regular basis. Just prior to the start of the spring semester, McCombs hosts Super Week, a week specifically devoted to recruiting in the consulting and financial services industries. MBA students can use this time to network and conduct interviews without the pressures of academic commitments.

Career Statistics

The average starting salary for members of the Class of 2017 was $117,068, while the average signing bonus accepted by recent graduates was $28,349. Forty-eight percent of McCombs graduates accepted management positions, and 29% pursued roles in finance. Twenty-six percent of the Class of 2017 pursued marketing functions, and among those, 7% of students became involved in brand management, and 9% in product management. The leading industries entered by 2017 graduates were technology and consulting with 30% and 20% respectively, with energy at a relatively high 7%.

About 57% of 2017 graduates found employment in the Southwestern U.S., following the general trend of business school graduates securing post-MBA jobs in the region in which their school is located. Twenty percent of graduates opted for positions in the Western U.S., 9% settled in the Northeast and another 7% moved to the South, while the Midwest claimed 4% of the class and 1% settled in the Mid-Atlantic region. Lastly, 3% of the Class of 2017 chose jobs located outside of the U.S.

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The Class Profile

For the McCombs Class of 2019, the 265 entering students have an average GPA of 3.48 and an average GMAT score of 703.

At the time of acceptance, 27% of the Class of 2019 were international. The average age of students in the incoming class was 28 at the time of matriculation, and students worked an average of 5.8 years before starting the MBA program. Finally, women make up 40% of the first-year class.

Application Procedures

Applicants may apply to McCombs during one of three admissions rounds, which usually occur in October, January and April.  The McCombs admissions committee requires candidates to submit essays, employment history, GMAT or GRE scores, official transcripts from all collegiate and post-collegiate institutions attended, one letter of recommendation, a $200 application fee and, if applicable, TOEFL scores.  After the admissions committee reviews applications, candidates receive interview notifications by invitation only.  Invited students may interview with a current student on campus or via Skype, with an admissions officer in select areas, or with an alumnus in their area for those applying after the first application deadline.  Students who have demonstrated an interest in promoting diversity in business may also apply to McCombs through the Consortium for Graduates Study in Management.

Application Checklist

  • Online Application
  • Application Fee of $200
  • Test Scores, GMAT/GRE, TOEFL
  • Official Transcripts
  • Personal Essays
  • Letter of Recommendation

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The tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year is $54,924 for out-of-state first-year students and $49,534 for in-state residents. Given additional expenses such as orientation fees, housing, books and laptop costs, McCombs estimates that out-of-state students will pay $77,644 in that time, with in-state entrants paying $72,254.

McCombs offers merit-based scholarships that are one- to two-year awards ranging from $2,000 to full tuition and are open to all students. About half these grants are offered with out-of-state tuition waivers, helping recipients save an additional $16,000. First-year students are automatically considered for these scholarships and they do not need to fill out any extra forms. During the first year, MBA students have the opportunity to apply for additional merit-based awards sponsored by individual and corporate donors. These MBA Continuing Student Scholarships award over $100,000 to students based on their first-semester academic performance. U.S. citizens and permanent residents can further finance their education through federal loans, while international students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office about their loan options.

Cost of Attendance

Tuition & Fees

  • In-State $49,534
  • Out-of-State $54,924

Living Expenses $18,370
Books $1,000
Student Fees $850
Laptop $2,500


  • In-State $72,254
  • Out-of-State $77,644

  Get all of this info to read on the go! Download the McCombs School Snapshot PDF.

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Post-MBA Career: Consulting
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Admitted: Columbia, Duke / Fuqua, Georgetown / McDonough, Michigan / Ross, UCLA Anderson, USC / Marshall, UT Austin / McCombs, U. Washington / Foster
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