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MIT / Sloan MBA Admissions Interview Questions: R2 / Admissions staff interviewer / On-campus

Apply 1/4/11, Invite 3/17, Interview 3/29, Accepted 4/4!

After a two and a half month excruciating wait I got a call from MIT asking me to interview. In fact, she made is sound like I had already been invited (email or something) and that I hadn’t responded (she was “hoping I was still interested in applying”). I’m in the DC area and I found out the only available dates were at an interview fair the next week where I’d be one of a lot of people interviewing or I could interview on the 29th, the final day of interviews for R2. I was a little freaked out by this but I decided I’d prefer to be a memorable last interview than a forgettable one of many when the interviewers are away from home. Who knows if that mattered at all. I met my admissions staff member at the admissions center (she was a touch late so I just sat there nervously sweating) and she took me into her office where we sat down and I immediately gave her my transcript because I know from reading on this website they always ask for it.

Here’s some advice for everyone- be who you are on your application, not the person you think they want you to be. I had two different items on my resume that really didn’t make me a better leader but they were just interesting things I’ve done. Several times when my friends looked over my resume they told me to take them off because they weren’t what MIT was looking for (like they know) but I left them on because they are who I am. Sure enough, as soon as we sit down my interviewer goes, “okay, the interview hasn’t started yet but I really have to talk about two things that I’m super interested in before we start.” Of course it’s those two things and it was smooth sailing after that because of how comfortable I was. Other questions (all from these guides):

  • Tell me some highlights/any changes from your resume
  • Give me an example of when your expectations were not met
  • Proudest accomplishment
  • Greatest risk taken

After that I shook her hand after a wonderful exchange and I immediately knew I absolutely nailed the interview and thought if they don’t accept me after that I have nothing else in the tank. On the acceptance date (they don’t do the day early call like some schools) I wanted nervously around until 6 p.m. approached (they really don’t tell you one single minute early) and after driving to a friend’s house to find out with them I started checking my account around 6:15 when my cell rang with a 617 Boston area code and it was a current student and alumni from my college telling me I was in. A great touch by them and I happily accepted and paid my initial fee almost immediately.