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Round 3 Interview Update from Harvard Business School Admissions

300px-Aerial_of_the_Harvard_Business_School_campusDecision day is approaching for Round 3 applicants to Harvard Business School (HBS), and Dean of Admissions Dee Leopold outlined what to expect in a recent post to her Director’s Blog.

“On Monday, April 22nd, probably at noon Boston time, every Round 3 applicant will get an email from us,” she wrote. The email will contain either an invitation to interview or a “Sorry, we can’t offer you a place in the class,” notification, she continued.

Those who are invited to interview can do so on campus on May 2nd, 3rd and 6th, when they will also have a chance to tour HBS, have lunch and meet with students. HBS Admissions will also have limited spots for interviews in Palo Alto, California, on May 1st and 3rd. “Candidates with real logistical challenges will be offered Skype interviews,” Leopold added.

Candidates applying to the 2+2 program who have exams or other academic commitments during the interview period should not jeopardize those commitments, Leopold noted, adding that HBS will make accommodations in those cases.

Best of luck to anyone awaiting word on April 22nd! Check out the Clear Admit shop for a guide for how to best prepare for the HBS interview.