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NYU Stern School of Business Dean Bowls, Publishes

In the midst of leading one of the top MBA programs in the world, Dean Peter Blair Henry of New York University (NYU) Stern School of Business somehow also finds time both to publish and to unwind with students.

A recent tweet from the school (#Stern2013) leads to photos of Henry just after he’s released a bowling ball down the lane. While scores aren’t revealed, he has the look of a cranker with a smooth delivery. Let’s just say, he didn’t throw a powder puff. Besides offering up an opportunity to show off their bowling lingo, MBA Bowling Night 2013 also gave Stern students a chance to unwind and celebrate the final weeks before graduation with both Dean Henry and Stern President John Sexton. Check out the slideshow for yourself.

Just a week earlier, Henry shared lessons from his new book, Turnaround: Third World Lessons for First World Growth, with an audience of more than 350 NYU Stern students and alumni. The event, hosted by the NYU Stern Center for Global Economy and Business on April 2nd, featured Adam Davidson, co-founder and co-host of Planet Money, a co-production of National Public Radio and This American Life, interviewing Henry about the book, which was published in March 2013.

In Turnaround, Henry argues that the fate of global prosperity hinges on advanced nations having the humility to learn from the struggles and successes of emerging markets. An economist who spent his early childhood in Jamaica, he brings a unique perspective to his research on emerging markets. In this most recent book, he uses stock market forecasts along with traditional measures of policy effectiveness to illustrate a range of turnaround lessons spanning the globe from Latin America and the Caribbean to China. He also argues that what is good for emerging markets is good for advanced economies, too, suggesting that the United States, Europe and others can create a more prosperous future for their own citizens and for the global economy as a whole by following a path of discipline, clarity and trust.

While we don’t know who took home the trophy for MBA Bowling Night 2013, we do know this: Henry was a finalist in the 1991 campus-wide slam dunk competition at the University of North Carolina (and also a Morehead Scholar and a member of Phi Beta Kappa).

Learn about Henry’s book, his bowling, his leadership of Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Transition Team and more.