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Trivia Tuesday: Teaching Methods at Duke / Fuqua

Welcome to another edition of Trivia Tuesday, in which we examine individual program elements that differentiate the leading MBA programs from their peers. Today, we’re taking a look into the Clear Admit School Guide to Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in order to share with you some insights about the program’s teaching methods.

“Most classes at Fuqua meet twice a week, either on Mondays and Thursdays or on Tuesdays and Fridays. No classes are held on Wednesdays, a system designed to give students a mid-week break that can be used to schedule job interviews, attend campus events or catch up on assignments from earlier in the week.

“Because Fuqua’s terms are only half as long as those at most other business schools, most class sessions are two hours and fifteen minutes long – nearly twice the length of classes at many other business schools. According to student reports, while a sizable percentage of courses are lecture-based, the majority begin with an hour-long case discussion, break for 15 minutes and conclude with an hour of lecture summarizing the lessons students should draw from the case.

“Because case studies are so widely used at Fuqua, students must be prepared for interactive class sessions in which active class participation is expected. Fuqua students report that the level of class engagement is usually high, even in more traditional lecture courses, where students are encouraged to ask the professor clarifying questions or to offer relevant examples from their own professional experiences. Most courses at Fuqua also include team projects that are usually completed in groups of five or six students.”

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