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Duke / Fuqua MBA Admissions Interview Questions: ED / Alumnus / Off-Campus

I had to fly to another city, so the usual – the flight was late, made it to the interviewers office just in time. Realized I forgot to get a copy of my resume. Unfortunately the interviewer also forgot to get it, so he had to go back to his office to grab the resume. Started off with casual small talk about my city (which is the party capital of the country) spoke a bit about the nightlife, restaurants, etc.

1) Tell me about your Company.
Some specific Company related questions … then even more specific questions.

2) Tell me about your Work.
Very, very specific work related questions. He was a finance guy and I worked in finance so this was expected.
These questions took us 30 mins

3) So if you have so much going on, Why MBA at DUKE
This one seemed like a stress question … and no matter how much I tried to explain to him, he successfully broke down my argument.
Finally I came to the basics of case based learning, network and brand. Spoke about my role models in the industry with similar backgrounds as me. DUKE for the team based experience etc.
This question took us atleast 45 mins. Surprisingly.

4) Any questions you have for me ?
Some casual talk on the way out.

We kept in touch until the decision day – he called me on DD letting me know I was in .

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