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Kellogg MBA Admissions Interview Questions: R1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

After Kellogg mailed me the contact details for my interviewer, I wrote her an email asking for a convenient time during the coming two weeks. She replied with a range of dates and suggested Starbucks as the meeting place! I mailed her a copy of my resume and took some copies to the interview. She mailed me saying that she would be in casual clothes and I should feel comfortable being in casual clothes too! That email just took all my anxiety away and I felt excited to meet her! I still showed up in formal clothing and we joked about it when we met.

She had a small book, which had questions in it (I think!) and she kept referring to it during our conversation. She asked very general questions
1) Walk me through your resume
2) Explain your current role and reasons for an MBA
3) Why Kellogg – I mentioned a few clubs and activities, missed mentioning some important ones.
4) Future career goals in detail
5) What is your dream company?
6) Why would you choose Kellogg over other colleges- I talked about the warm inclusive community, strong recommendation for the program from my boss, who’s a Kellogg alum.
7) What do you do for fun?

The interview lasted a bit longer than all other interviews I have been to- An hour or a bit more I guess. Hope that’s not a bad sign and I could get my story across. She said that she will submit her interview notes soon and that she will talk to a few colleagues about some points as we belonged to different industries.

Hope you find this useful. All the best!!

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