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Harvard Business School Class Visits Slots Available Through February

Harvard Business School (HBS) tweeted today that class visit spots to observe the school’s signature case method in action are still available through February.

Because the case method is so central to its MBA program, HBS encourages those interested in applying to visit campus and sit in on a class if possible. (Note, though, that a visit to campus is not required and does not impact admissions decisions.)

Due to demand, HBS asks that prospective applicants schedule only one class visit through the MBA Admissions office. Visitors can select the time of the visit, but not the specific course they want to observe.

A few policies governing class visits to keep in mind:

  • All visitors must be registered in advance. Walk-in and standby visitors will not be accommodated, and there is not a waitlist for visits.
  • Participants should report to the MBA Admissions office prior to their scheduled visit to receive their specific class assignment. You must be 18 or older to visit a class.
  • HBS classes begin on time, and participants must be seated before class begins. If you are late, you forfeit your visit.

Register now for February class visit spots. Registration for March/April will open in early February.

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