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Tuck MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Second Year Student / Coffee Shop – Delhi

I submitted my application for the November Round and got an interview call about a month later. I’m an Indian applicant and one of Tuck’s second year students was in my city for his Global Consultancy Project. So he scheduled a face to face interview and emailed me a week in advance. We met in the lobby of the hotel he was staying at.

The interview lived up to my expectations in terms of being very relaxed and conversational. The interviewer introduced himself in detail – where he is from, what he did before Tuck, and what he’s doing at Tuck. And then he asked me the following questions:

1. Tell me about yourself, what you have done in life so far, and reasons for the decisions you’ve taken in your life.
2. Why do you want to do ‘Retail’ and how will an MBA help you (I mentioned that I want to move to Retail from my current job)
3. What do you want to do after your MBA? How would Tuck help you?
4. Tell me a little bit about the restaurant you were involved in (I mentioned about this in my introduction)
5. Tell me about one accomplishment you’re really proud of and one failure. A little of bit cross-questioning.
6. Tell me about a situation where you acted out of your comfort zone.
7. When you’re working in a group, what kind of leadership attributes do you exhibit?
8. Tell me about a time when you had a difficult team member.
9. Asked a little about the volunteer work I had mentioned on my resume

This took about 30 minutes. Another 10 minutes for my questions. All in all, very friendly chat and he smiled often. I hope that’s a good sign!

My two cents to people preparing for Tuck interviews – Have a solid 2-minute introduction ready. Mention specific things about Tuck that you’re interested in. Smile lots but don’t be over-friendly.

Good luck!

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