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Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business Establishes Alumni Advisory Boards to Increase School’s Global Reach

300px-Dartmouth_College_campus_2007-06-23_Tuck_School_of_BusinessThe Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College thus year established its new Asian Advisory Board, one of three new alumni boards established in recent years to help expand the school’s global reach.

The new boards, which are not charged with any governance responsibilities, are more nimble than traditional boards, allowing them to impact students’ and graduates’ lives immediately, the school says.

In addition to the recently launched Asian Advisory Board, Tuck also now launched a Latin American Advisory Board in 2012 and a European Advisory Board in 2011. The boards are made up of alumni living or working in each region.

“It’s classic networking,” Penny Paquette T’76, Tuck’s assistant dean for strategic initiatives, said in an article on Tuck’s website about the advisory boards. “Even though we’re not very big, we want to cover the entire world.”

The school hopes the new boards will help Tuck make inroads into each of the regions, allowing the school to attract top MBA candidates, enhancing career opportunities for students and alumni and strengthening alumni and community connections. The boards are also expected to contribute to the school’s globally focused programming and curriculum.

Tuck Dean Paul Danos appoints the regional board members – based on their experience, business acumen and dedication to Tuck – to serve two consecutive three-year terms. (They may be eligible to serve additional terms.) Each board will meet approximately every 18 months in locations throughout the region it serves.

Learn more about Tuck’s regional Alumni Advisory Boards.


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