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Kellogg MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Adcom / On-Campus

My interview was very laid back and conversational, with a hard stop after 45 minutes.

It took place in the Adcom’s office, closed door. The interviewer started by explaining the application process – that my app had already been reviewed once, and would then go to committee once she furnished her interview notes, but that she would NOT be on that committee. She also explicitly noted that their admissions are not rolling, and I would not hear back until the decision deadline. Then she gave me a little bit of background on herself (not a lot, though, as I only later found out that she was a Kellogg alum), and then went right into the questions.

Please note that these were not question/answer/repeat scenarios, but rather an opening question (walk me through your resume), and then a subsequent dialogue, with guiding questions asked along the way.

1. Walk me through your resume

2. Leadership experiences on the resume

3. Leadership style, examples

4. What are your favorite extracurriculars that you have listed here and why?

5. Why MBA/Why Now (I proactively took this opportunity to explain my vision statement)

6. Why does your MBA have to be from Kellogg and not another school?

7. How will you get involved at Kellogg and give back to the community?

8. Do you have any questions for me?

And that was it. 45 minutes almost to the second.

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