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UVA / Darden MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Adcom / Skype

I am an Indian applicant, and I was invited to do a Skype interview with an admissions committee member. For anyone in this particular situation I would strongly suggest that you ensure that you prepare your interview room accordingly. Ensure that the net connection is good and the room in which you are interviewing looks professional. Do some research online and prepare accordingly. Moving on, note that this is a blind interview. The adcom member that I interviewed with had no idea about who I was. In the beginning of the interview she gave me 20 minutes to speak about myself and the rest of the interview was mostly about the things that I had talked about in the initial 20 minutes. I was expecting this format and had carefully prepared my 20 minute pitch. During the 20 minutes, I touched upon my motivations, career progression, things that I liked about my job and achievements in the work place.

There were a few general questions – why MBA, why now and why Darden. Overall I would say that I enjoyed the experience. The interviewer was friendly and seemed genuinely interested in knowing about me. It reaffirmed my perception about Darden’s community. It has always seemed like a great school to me and now that they have been kind enough to accept me, I love them that much more.

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