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UVA / Darden MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Adcom / On-Campus

I found the Darden interview to be the most relaxed of my interviews thus far. They create a very comfortable environment by having 1st and 2nd year students filter in and out of the waiting room to break the ice among all the prospective students. My interviewer was a member of the Admissions Committee, and she came out to greet me, making small talk as we walked back to her office. She was very friendly in nature and began by saying that it was a blind interview, so she had no prior knowledge of my application (she also was not looking at my resume).

She asked me to walk her through my resume, starting with how I chose my undergraduate institution, and to lead up to how I reached the point that I wanted to purse an MBA. I had been warned that some Darden interviews end up being a 30-40 minute monologue, so I had prepared a monologue to explain how I had made all of my decisions to date: from how I chose my college, my extracurriculars, my job, my activities outside of work, MBA, to why I wanted to attend Darden specifically.

I actually found my interview to be much more conversational than expected. My interviewer was engaged in the conversation and would ask for clarifications and elaborations, as well as simply relate to certain things I had said. The 2 big questions she asked were: 1) Walk me through your resume, 2) Why Darden. I certainly talked for the majority of our time, but the interview was very conversational in nature after all!

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