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Wharton MBA Admissions Interview Questions Round 1 / 2nd year student / On-Campus

The interview was a 1-on-1 session with a second year student after the Team-Based Discussion. The interviewer took me to a small office and was pretty pleasant and informal. She had only my resume in hand, but had no prior information about me other than what had come out over the course of the Team-Based Discussion, where she had been a silent observer. I was asked a few questions, primarily about the team interview experience.

1) How did you think the Team-Based Discussion went, and did you feel your team accomplished the goal at hand?

2) What could you have done differently as a team, and what do you think worked well?

3) Was your behavior representative of the way you typically act in group settings? She then gave me a little blurb about how team-focused the Wharton curriculum and culture was, and gave me examples of her experiences so far.

I was also asked a few regular interview questions:

1) What specific quality or qualities do you hope to hone at Wharton?

2) Do you have any updates to your application?

The interview ended after I asked her a few questions I had prepped, and the whole thing lasted about 10 minutes. I would say the only thing that surprised me was how short the interview was, but it wasn’t too difficult to prepare for, as the questions were predominantly based around reflections on the Team-Based Discussion.

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