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Harvard MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Adcom / On-Campus

For me, I was nervous about all the random potential questions I could be asked. I prepared for a lot of them, but my interview was mostly (90%) resume-related topics.

Not in sequential order…

1. Why don’t you take 2 minutes to introduce yourself.
2. What was it like going through this highlighted situation on your resume? (lots of back and forth)
3. Challenge at current job.
4. What could you have done better at previous job?
5. How did you get these positions?
6. What is the biggest misperception people have about you when first meeting you?
7. Why MBA?
8. Anything else with these 2 minutes left you’d like to add? (time went by quickly, and I didn’t think I would actually get asked this)
9. What were your school / job options at different stages

Questions other people had:
10. Hobbies?
11. Do you read business news? What’s a story that interested you?
12. What’s a company outside your industry that you admire?

Overall, no matter my outcome, I have to give HBS props on the brevity of the whole process. Simple application, only 1 optional essay, and a relevant interview. Also, the whole day has events for candidates who have the time. The home base room seems rather crazy with batches going in and out for their interview slot, but they manage to handle it in an organized fashion. Food and drinks are also provided and everyone is cordial.

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