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Wharton MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Adcom / Off-Campus Hub – Singapore

I arrived an hour early to avoid rush hour traffic. This gave me time to get settled and converse with all my group mates. It made me less nervous since I already knew everyone and their backgrounds before stepping into the room. The group session was a bit scattered, since everyone was very diplomatic but everyone wanted their own idea to move forward so ideas just kept multiplying. I and another group mate would occasionally moderate the session by summarizing and suggesting a process to move forward. Our proposal eventually came together, but I suggest that other groups don’t force their ideas forward or shy away from not using other ideas, but focus more on moving the group forward, which is best done by everyone eventually agreeing on one idea. I think it’s also best to always ensure the group is moving forward since your group’s performance is a reflection of your ability to work in a group.

The one-on-one component was a bit tough since there were no questions but just a 15 time limit to discuss whatever the candidate felt like discussing. I think it’s important to keep this conversational and avoid monologuing or rambling. It may also be important to integrate reflections on the tbd, resume/app updates, and why Wharton into the fifteen minutes and ask interesting questions about the school.

Also I believe the cocktails that the Adcom hosts is a great opportunity to redeem/reinforce your performance in the interview and to ensure you’re remembered.

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