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NYU Stern MBA Admissions Interview Questions / Round 2 / Adcom / Off-Campus

I opted to interview off-campus. Stern bunches up all the offsite candidates from various rounds and conducts the interview around Mid-March.

My interview date was the 15th of March. The location for the interview was the business lounge in a 5 star hotel , located in the heart of Delhi. I reached around 30 mins. before my scheduled time. Another candidate was going through his interview.

When my turn came, the Adcom officer walked out of the conference room to meet me. After a minute of initial conversation he offered me was a NYU t-shirt. Then he introduced himself and told me about the structure of the interview. He was also pursuing Stern’s part-time MBA and told me that he had read through my application and would like me to provide more insights into various aspects of it.

Questions Asked ( in roughly sequential order)

1) Why did you choose IT as your undergrad major?
2) How did I make the transition between various roles at my workplace?
3) How will my teammates describe me at the end of two years?
4) What is the biggest challenge that I will face at Stern (the only question that threw me off).
5) What are cuisines I like the most?
6) What are my post-MBA goals
7) How would I choose between two schools? ( a good question given the discussions we had had til then)

He inquired if I had any questions. I asked three of them. To be honest, the interview was over in 20 minutes. According to me, I did decently well but could’ve done better. In the end I was accepted. I received the decision in about 7 working days.
My advice would be to know your application, be genuine and practice the answers by reading them out loud at least 2-3 times.


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