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Student-Run Program at Tuck School of Business Makes Getting to Wall Street Easier

tuckA new student-run program at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business seeks to help incoming students from underrepresented groups who are interested in financial services by providing career mentorship and preparation beginning even before they arrive on campus.

Called Wall Street Edge (WSE), the program was the brainchild of a recent graduate who himself received invaluable support from across Tuck that helped him meet his goal of working on Wall Street.

“Paying it forward like that is ingrained in the Tuck psyche,” Deirdre C. O’Donnell, associate director for Tuck’s Career Development Office and the WSE adviser, said in an article about the new program on the Tuck website. “It is invaluable for students to explore their options before getting to school, when there will no longer be enough hours in the day.”

As part of the WSE program, students benefit from professional introductions made by their peers, educational sessions and a WSE trek to New York City that takes place prior to matriculation. Incoming MBA students can also take advantage of a network of second-year students ready to serve as mentors and advocates for future employment.

“For us, it means giving back to the Tuck community. The vast majority of MBAs are career-switchers, and switching into financial services can be a daunting task,” said Jasper Wright, who had such a positive experience in the program that he now serves as one of its co-chairs. “WSE bridges the gap between someone’s ability and the knowledge they need to take action.” Wright continued.

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