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MIT Sloan MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1

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Here is a summary of an MIT Sloan interview sent to us by a Round 1 applicant. She shares her MIT Sloan MBA interview questions below: 

What has changed since your submission?

What are you most proud of at your current job in the past year?

Difficulties around getting something implemented? (follow up on the thing I was proud of…)

Talk about your career choices since leaving college?

When have you strongly differed in opinion from someone?

What is an example of something really difficult you’ve had to go through, or important event in the last 5-7 years?

Follow up on the difficult/important event – did you have any hard conversations as a result of that?

Why MBA and why MIT sloan?

Questions for me?

Lots of probing about how I got things done, what were barriers/difficulties, etc.Very friendly dynamic.  Thanked me many times throughout.

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