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Trivia Tuesday: Teaching Methods at Wharton

whartonIt’s time again for Trivia Tuesday, where we highlight programs and opportunities that distinguish leading business schools from their peer institutions! This week, we give you a peek inside our school guide to The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and discuss teaching methods at Wharton.

“As at most of the leading programs, Wharton professors use a mixture of lectures, case studies, group projects, problem sets, discussions, computer simulations and presentations to convey MBA course material. The primary methods of instruction in each course are included in the course description, allowing students to choose elective courses that best match their preferred method of learning.

Wharton offers many opportunities for students to test their classroom skills through hands-on experience. Two notable programs in this vein are the Alfred West Jr. Learning Lab and the Field Application Project. Professors from all departments use the Learning Lab’s technology-enhanced learning materials, developed by faculty and industry leaders, to incorporate computer simulations into their courses. These tools allow students to apply the concepts they learn in the classroom to real-world business situations ranging from airfare competition to portfolio fund management.

The Field Application Project, classified as an elective in the Management Department, takes Wharton’s experiential focus a step further. Teams of students in this course are assigned to work as project consultants for client companies, applying theories they learned in the classroom to solve problems their clients face. Students meet for 30 to 45 minutes with faculty members each week in addition to three to five meetings with their host managers.”

To read more about Wharton, check out Wharton’s School Profile.

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