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UPenn Wharton MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / TBD / Off Campus

wharton3The following is a set of Wharton MBA admissions interview questions provided by a recent applicant:

I arrived there an hour earlier and I met two interviewees. After ~30min the other two also arrived. So we went in and got started.

The team composition was :2 consultants, one ex-consultant and current health care, one private equity, one investment management. I guess our team was strong: 2 of them were going to be interviewed at HBS in the weekend.

The team discussion was observed by an Adcom. We were asked to bring a piece of resume with us. Not sure whether it is blind or not.

Overall it was a pretty good team discussion. 3 in the team brought up similar ideas, so we did not really spend time arguing which idea to choose. The final suggestion was a combination of those 3 ideas. Nothing unexpected, everyone was super friendly and cooperative, which means it was pretty hard for any one of us to stand out.

In the end we had a one-to-one interview. It was pretty short. Questions:

What’s your career goal?
Why did you choose your major?
Some follow-up chats on how great a school Wharton is, how great a city Philly is…

I thought the Adcom likes me, because she spent a lot of time introducing about the great resources Wharton has. And we had a really nice conversation. But in the end I got a ding. I guess it’s just because the Adcom is very used to doing these interviews and is just super friendly to everyone.

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