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Harvard Business School to Send Out Round 2 Interview Invitations Beginning Tomorrow

interview9As applicants to Harvard Business School (HBS) are probably well aware, Admissions Director Dee Leopold and her team are scheduled to send out the first of its Round 2 interview invitations tomorrow, Wednesday, January 28th. What about the blizzard that’s blanketing the northeastern portion of the United States, you wonder? As of yesterday, Leopold expected that invites will still go out as planned, at noon Boston time. “If we need to delay, we will let you know via this blog, a general announcement on the admissions website and also with a voicemail recording on our general phone line,” she wrote in a post to her Director’s Blog, but as of this writing, no updates.

So, some details about HBS interview invites. They will go out in two waves, one tomorrow, and a second on February 4th. Historically, HBS has sent out the bulk of its invites in the first wave. Leopold offered that her best guess is that roughly 600 applicants will receive invitations tomorrow, with another 200 or so receiving invitations next week. “I’ve said this before, but please don’t speculate or develop theories or algorithms about first vs. second,” she urged. “It doesn’t work that way. And it has nothing to do with when you submitted, where you live, or the first letter of your last name.”

The emails will include all the details you need regarding scheduling, locations, dates, etc. HBS’s online scheduler will be available beginning the day AFTER invites go out, giving applicants time to give some thought to the dates, times and locations that will work best for them. Please note, HBS also offers a range of related activities and events for those who interview on campus, providing an opportunity to interact with fellow applicants as well as current students.

For applicants to the 2+2 Program, all invitations to interview for this program will be extended on February 4th, so have no fear when you don’t hear anything tomorrow.

Additionally, all candidates who will not be continuing in the admissions process will be notified on February 4th of their “release” from consideration.

Best of luck to everyone waiting with baited breath! For those who do snag an interview, don’t forget to share your status on the MBA LiveWire! Remember that Clear Admit’s HBS Interview Guide provides detailed information on what to expect and how to prepare, and our HBS Interview Report page is a great place to learn from the experiences of others and share your own interview reports.