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Wharton to Release Round 2 Interview Invites on February 11

wharton3The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania will send interview invitations to select Round 2 applicants on Wednesday, February 11th, according to a recent post on the school’s MBA Admissions Blog. Applicants who snag one of these coveted interview spots will have an opportunity to take part in Wharton’s Team-Based Discussion interviews in a range of locations around the globe.

Round 2 interviews will be held on Wharton’s campus in Philadelphia, and off-campus interviews will be held in San Francisco, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo. The Wharton admissions team encourages candidates to interview on campus, or in the most convenient off-campus location.

Wharton will use the Team-Based Discussion (TBD) interview format for interviews, as it has for the past few years. Each TBD will include five or six applicants grouped by sign up order at various locations. Candidates invited to interview will receive a prompt for the TBD before their interview date. Wharton recommends that candidates spend an hour preparing for the TBD before their interview. After the TBD, candidates will have a opportunity for a brief one-on-one interview debrief with a member of the admissions team. Wharton second-year students known as Admissions Fellows will conduct on campus TBDs, while Admissions Officers will conduct off-campus TBDs.

Maryellen Lamb, Wharton’s deputy vice dean of admissions, financial aid, and career management, provided advice for candidates invited to interview at Wharton in her blog post: “The goal of the TBD is to give all prospective students the opportunity to show us who they are and demonstrate key skills such as communication, leadership, peer-to-peer interaction, decision-making, etc. Going into this next level of the admissions process, many of you are already pretty prepared – you’ve worked in teams for years. Make sure you tap into these experiences and skills – this will set you on the right track.”

Best of luck to all Wharton Round 2 applicants! Remember that Clear Admit offers a range of resources to help you prepare for your Wharton interview, including the Clear Admit Wharton Interview Guide and the Wharton Interview Reports Archive.

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