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MBA LiveWire Gets New Features – Filter Results by School and Round

As our readers may already know, the MBA LiveWire has quickly become a popular feature on our site. The Clear Admit team has really enjoyed watching hundreds of admissions updates flow into the LiveWire feed and we were particularly excited to see so many interview invitations over the past week!  As such, we would like to thank everyone who has submitted an admissions result thus far.

We have also appreciated your feedback on LiveWire, and we have responded to it by adding the ability to filter LiveWire results by school and/or round. You can still view all the results submitted to LiveWire as a live stream, but now you can also view the results by round, by school, or by round and school.

New LiveWire Filters
Filtering by school allows candidates to focus in on the latest results for a single program.  Filtering by round – including ‘early decision’ or ‘rolling’ as well as the more traditional numbered rounds – can give candidates a sense of what is happening in the current round or how results may differ from round to round.  Of course, keep in mind that many of the entries that came in prior to the addition of the round feature will typically show up in the general ‘all rounds’ filter but not in others, so please filter at your own risk.  

We will continue to listen to your feedback and add new features to the LiveWire over time.  We will also post regular updates and summaries that come from our own mining of LiveWire, so please stay tuned to this blog for all the latest news in that respect.  In the meantime, be sure to post your results as they come in.

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